Is An Insulated Garage Door Worth it For Your House?

Insulated Garage Door

As most homeowners have already realized, energy costs are on the rise. What homeowners may not know is that there are more ways to keep heating and cooling bills low than paying for expensive air conditioner and furnace upgrades. Something as simple and affordable as insulating the garage door can make a noticeable difference. Garage […]

Reasons to Get a Lifestyle Screen for Your Garage

Lifestyle Screen for Your Garage

People used to consider owning a garage a luxury. Garages provided a safe place to park a vehicle when not in use and storage space for belongings. In recent years, however, California homeowners have turned to their garage space for more than storage and parking. No longer seen as just a space for a vehicle, […]

How Can You Make Your Garage Door More Efficient?

Garage Doors

People can modify their homes to make them more energy efficient, but not every homeowner thinks of doing the same with their garage. People using their garage as a workshop, a family recreation room, or as their “man cave” will have heating and cooling running to it. Making the garage energy efficient is the first […]