Replacing a garage door may not be the most exciting home renovation, but the right product can make a big difference when it comes to revitalizing a home’s exterior. Given that most homeowners only replace garage doors once in their lifetimes, it’s impossible to overstate how important it is to choose the right one. Read on to find out how to choose the correct garage door for any home.

1. Replace or Repair?

For most homeowners, the first step isn’t to start investigating options. It’s to decide whether a garage door replacement is the best option, to begin with. In some cases, garage door repair services are a better fit.

If the door is old, severely damaged, or has been running poorly for some time without getting the attention that it needs, replacing it is the obvious solution. If, on the other hand, the door is relatively new and has sustained minor damage or has stopped working suddenly, it may be cheaper to repair it. When in doubt, ask an expert.

2. Choose the Right Size

Because the number of different options out there can get overwhelming, it’s best to start with easy decisions that can narrow down choices. The first thing to consider is the size of the garage door. To choose the right size, head out to measure the door first. Not all garage doors are standard-sized, so don’t make assumptions. Take measurements of:

These measurements will make it easier to find a door that will fit the existing space, which is very important. Retrofitting a garage to accommodate a door of a different size can get expensive.

3. Consider Current and Future Use

Some families use their garages exclusively to park their cars. Others use them to store belongings, add extra living space, or incorporate a workshop separate from the home. When a garage is or could be used for these less conventional purposes, it’s worth upgrading the door.

One of the most cost-efficient upgrades is to install an insulated door. With insulated garage doors, residents who use garages as extra living or working spaces can stay more comfortable year-round without increasing the family’s energy bills. Plus, if whatever is happening inside the garage tends to get loud, the neighbors will appreciate the extra soundproofing.

4. Think About Local Climate

When choosing materials, the best place to start is with an evaluation of the local climate and typical weather conditions for the area. Homeowners living in hurricane-prone areas will need doors with higher levels of wind resistance, to give just one example. 

If power outages are a common result of inclement weather in the area but high winds aren’t a top concern, aluminum garage doors may be better options since they’re light enough to open manually in an emergency. Aluminum can also be a better option for homeowners living near the ocean, as salt-laden air can eat into steel, causing premature rust. When in doubt about which materials to choose, ask a local expert.

5. View the Door as an Investment

Garage doors provide a better return on investment than just about any other home improvement, but only if homeowners prioritize quality, durability, and style over purchasing the cheapest possible models. The good thing about maintaining a future-focused frame of mind is that the same features that could be appealing to buyers should a homeowner decide to sell will be a boon to the home’s current residents, as well. Think about adding garage door windows, upgrading to a more durable material, or changing the color and style of the door to better match the home’s exterior. There are plenty of options that can improve both the home’s curb appeal and the usability of the door.

6. Follow Color Conventions

It’s best to follow color conventions and not get too creative with garage doors. Standard options like white, light gray, and brown are always good bets. Homeowners should avoid vibrant colors, which can create an overwhelming appearance, and should avoid matching them with the color of the front door. Instead, try matching the garage door color to the exterior trim to help it blend in better.

Buy From the Best

Whether homeowners want a simple garage door that fits the family’s budget with room to spare or a full upgrade with all the extras, including lifestyle screens, they can trust Dependable Overhead Door Co. with the installation. We have years of experience installing all kinds of doors and would be happy to help homeowners choose the right options to suit their families needs. Give us a call at (209) 484-8977 to discuss options or request a quote.