When homeowners want to increase their property values, most opt for remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, or other indoor areas. Unfortunately, these kinds of large projects rarely provide the payoff people expert. Remodeling often projects go over budget and take longer than anticipated.

The good news is that there are other simpler, more affordable ways to raise property value that often go overlooked. This article will focus specifically on one exterior modification that can dramatically improve curb both curb appeal and functionality, raising property values and making the home look more appealing to qualified buyers: garage door replacement.

How Much Value Will a New Door Add?

In terms of value for the money, replacing garage doors is one of the best investments homeowners can make. Remodeling Magazine even ranked installing an upscale door on the garage number one on its list of remodeling projects that provide a high return on investment (ROI). 

According to its editors’ study, the ROI of new garage doors is an average of 98.3 percent, which is much higher than that of most remodeling projects. In some regions, the average ROI rose to over 130 percent, meaning that the door more than paid for itself.

Why New Garage Doors Increase Home Value

Replacing a garage door increases a home’s curb appeal, but so does just about every type of exterior remodeling project. The difference is that new garage doors improve more than just appearance. They also increase home value by:

1. Improving Safety and Security

While basic overhead door repair will make it more difficult for burglars to gain entry to the home, nothing beats installing a brand new door in the garage when it comes to improving safety. New garage doors come with all kinds of added features to improve both safety and security. Replacing the door can offer families access to advanced features such as:

  • Motion detectors that light up when trespassers approach the door in the dark.
  • Smartphone compatibility makes it possible for homeowners to operate their garage doors from anywhere with a user-friendly app.
  • Safety mechanisms that detect objects in the way of the door and stop it from closing.
  • Automatic openers, which now come standard on just about all garage doors.
  • Timers that close garage doors automatically after a certain period has passed.
  • Homeowners and their families will also benefit from advanced features until their properties sell. Add deterring burglars to the list of cost-saving benefits, and it’s clear that a new door will pay for itself.

2. Reducing Heat Transfer

Thanks to a recent shift in consumer preferences, new garage doors also tend to be insulated. Replacing an aging door with an insulated one can increase a home’s property value by up to four percent, and that’s certainly not the only way it will save homeowners money. Added insulation means reduced heat transfer.

Garages don’t need to be heated to benefit from insulated doors. Many homes have attached garages, in which case they share a wall with the rest of the living area and feature a door to access the garage. In this case, insulating the door can also help to lower energy consumption within the main house. Experts recommend looking for a minimum R-value of 11.

3. Keeping Maintenance Costs Low

Older garage doors require what can feel like constant maintenance. Newer models are far less needy. Prefinished garage doors need no repainting or refinishing, and they should maintain correct operation for years to come.

4. Reducing Noise

Older garage doors made a lot of noise, whether they featured automatic openers or had to be opened and closed by hand. Newer automatic opener assemblies feature rubber belts reinforced with metal and make very little noise. 

How to Tell It’s Worth Replacing an Overhead Door

Homeowners who aren’t quite ready to sell can benefit even more from replacing their garage doors since the whole family will be able to take advantage of the new fixture until the house is sold. It can be hard to tell when it’s time to stop making repairs and look into replacements, though. To simplify the situation, just go for a replacement whenever these issues arise:

  • Visible dents and dings
  • Rotting wood
  • Peeling paint
  • Holes and cracks
  • Lack of insulation
  • Sagging panels
  • Noisy operation
  • Shaking upon opening or closing
  • Broken cords or wires
  • Slow-to-respond openers
  • Problems raising and lowering the door

A Door Company Homeowners Can Depend On

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