As most homeowners have already realized, energy costs are on the rise. What homeowners may not know is that there are more ways to keep heating and cooling bills low than paying for expensive air conditioner and furnace upgrades. Something as simple and affordable as insulating the garage door can make a noticeable difference.

Garage Doors Are the Weak Link

Energy efficiency experts know that garage doors are the weak link in many homes’ thermal envelopes. These doors are usually opened multiple times per day, which exposes almost an entire wall to outdoor air. If the door is uninsulated, this issue doesn’t just arise when the door is open. Even when it’s shut, unwanted heat transfer will continue almost unabated. 

The Benefits of Insulating Garage Doors

Homeowners with attached garages sometimes underestimate how much of a difference it can make to upgrade to an insulated garage door. Once they begin to learn about the benefits, though, it becomes clear that this simple home improvement project is worth the money.

Lower Monthly Bills

If the garage is attached to the home or underneath one of its rooms, any temperature changes that occur in the garage will also affect the temperatures indoors. In the heat of the summer, the garage will get hot and some of that heat will be transferred into the home, causing homeowners to run their air conditioners more often. In the winter, the opposite is true, and homeowners will find that they spend more to heat their houses.

Insulating the garage door will help to regulate temperatures inside the garage even if it isn’t climate controlled. This, in turn, will help to keep air conditioning and heater use low, helping to save families money on their monthly utility bills.

Less Strain on HVAC Systems

Keeping the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter means the home’s heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Because the equipment isn’t in operation as often, it will be under less constant strain, which can help both air conditioners and furnaces last for longer.

Reduce Stress on Cars

Even if a car starts up with no problem on the coldest winter mornings, that doesn’t mean it isn’t suffering from all those cold-temperature starts. Insulating the garage door so that the air inside stays a little warmer means it won’t be as difficult for the car to start on cold mornings.

Increased Home Value

Insulating a home’s garage door can make a surprisingly large difference when it comes time to sell the home. Future residents will appreciate all of the same benefits as the home’s current owners, which can increase the home’s value and make it easier to find qualified buyers.

Extra Useable Space

Insulating the garage door regulates temperatures but it also keeps out more noise and pollution. As a result, many families wind up using part or all of their attached garages for extra storage, home gyms, playrooms, offices, or other living spaces. Being able to make full use of the garage is a great way for growing families to coexist more peacefully under the same roof without investing in a home addition.

Improved Aesthetics

Garage doors don’t just work well, although that’s most homeowners’ primary concern. High-quality insulated garage doors also look nicer than their uninsulated counterparts. Improvements in curb appeal and interior aesthetics can go a long way when it comes to making a property look more appealing to buyers and making the current residents’ lives better in the meantime.

The Best Time to Make the Switch

The best time for homeowners to upgrade to insulated garage doors is when they’re already looking for garage door repair services. Even if the current door could feasibly be repaired, it makes more sense for homeowners who were planning on insulating their doors eventually to have the work done when the old one fails. That way, homeowners will pay only one reasonable fee instead of paying for both repairs and a new garage door installation later.

It’s Time to Upgrade

Homeowners who are ready to upgrade to an insulated door in California are in luck. Dependable Overhead Door Company offers a full range of both residential and commercial garage doors. It’s worth working with the best garage door company in Salida, CA. We can help homeowners not just with the installation but also with the difficult process of choosing the right design and style, so give us a call at (209) 484-8977 to discuss garage door replacements and upgrades today.