Garage doors remain in the background. Most people assume they will work when needed and don’t give them much thought otherwise. However, when the garage door fails, they want help immediately. It’s very frustrating to not be able to access the garage, particularly when there is a vehicle parked inside. 

Anyone in need of overhead door repair in Salida, CA, should contact a company specializing in these types of repairs. While a handyman might be able to fix the problem, they may miss other issues with the door. By working with a provider whose sole focus is doors and windows, a person can feel confident they won’t have other issues in the near future. Dependable Overhead Door Company is that provider. 

Common Problems Seen with Overhead Doors

In many cases, the user doesn’t realize there is a problem with the door until it won’t open or close. Numerous things could be causing this issue. There could be a problem with the remote control opener or the keypad. Changing the batteries might be enough to resolve the issue. 

If this doesn’t work, ensure the door is unlocked and the motor is plugged in. Residential garage doors, as well as commercial ones, often fail for simple reasons, and the owner can resolve the issue without calling for our help. Nevertheless, the problem could be with the photo-eye sensor or another component. That’s why a company specializing in commercial garage doors as well as residential ones is so beneficial. 

Other problems an owner might experience include a noisy garage door or one that opens too fast or too slow. Regardless of what the problem is, if simple fixes don’t resolve the problem, call us. We are happy to send someone out to help. 

Signs a Garage Door is Failing

Certain signs indicate there is a problem with the overhead door. For instance, a door that makes more noise than usual should be inspected to see what the problem is. If the door is sagging or appears to be off balance, let us know. We’ll get someone out to examine the door and find the underlying cause of the problem being experienced. 

Any noise or vibration when the door is in use is cause for concern. The same holds when the door feels heavier than normal. If the door has sustained any panel damage, call us as well. Damaged panels might not interfere with normal operation of the door, but they do detract from the property’s curb appeal. We can repair or replace the panel to restore the beauty of the property in less time than many people imagine. 

When Garage Door Replacement Serves as the Better Option

Certain situations call for a garage door replacement rather than a repair to the existing door. When the door is a safety hazard, it’s always best to replace it. Doing so ensures nobody is harmed when the door is used. Major damage to the door also serves as a sign the door needs to be replaced rather than repaired. 

If the door no longer secures the property for any reason, replace it. The expense of doing so is easily offset by the peace of mind the owner receives. Furthermore, when the door needs frequent repairs, it is time for a replacement.

Maintaining a Garage Door

Reduce the need for repairs or a replacement door by maintaining the existing door according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep the tracks free of dust and debris and operate the door once every season to ensure it moves freely. Tighten the hardware and inspect the rollers for damage.

Lubricate all moving parts when completing this inspection to reduce friction and check the auto-reverse feature. These simple steps go a long way to keeping the door in good operating condition. If help is needed, when completing any or all of these tasks, our team is available to do this maintenance for a client. 

Overhead doors are only one of several products we offer. Contact us to learn about our windows, lifestyle screens, and more. We offer a range of products to meet your needs and add value to your life. Ask and we will provide you with the information needed to determine if these items are right for your home or business. 

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