People used to consider owning a garage a luxury. Garages provided a safe place to park a vehicle when not in use and storage space for belongings. In recent years, however, California homeowners have turned to their garage space for more than storage and parking. No longer seen as just a space for a vehicle, garages have become a perfect spot for a hobby shop, family area, or gathering space for friends.

Protecting this space from the elements is essential when in use. A garage offers a spacious area to operate in, but it also has two significant issues when the garage door is left open: pests and weather. Installing lifestyle screens in a garage can resolve both of these issues quickly and affordably.

What Exactly are Garage Door Screens?

Lifestyle screens, otherwise known as garage door screens, are a layer of mesh screens that prevents unwanted elements from entering the garage, such as bugs, pests, and debris from the weather. Garage lifestyle screens are the same as a screen door installed on the front of a home; they provide extra protection to the house and convenience to the homeowners. There’s no reason to waste that garage space when homeowners can turn it into an open-air, usable living space.

Adding lifestyle screens to a home can be an affordable way to cool a garage off during the summer. An average DIY (do-it-yourself kit) ranges around several hundred dollars vs. spending several thousand for custom-fitted screens installed by a professional. Some budget kits for garage door screens cost under $100 and require manual installation, but they don’t provide the same level of quality as professionally installed garage screens.

Types of Screens for Garage Doors

The three types of garage door screens available are:

Knowing the type of screen to install in a garage is just as important as knowing its uses. Once you’ve decided on a screen to install, finding a professional overhead door company in Salida, CA, will be the next step. Many overhead door companies rely on their customers for exposure, making it essential to rely on customer reviews when searching.

Many overhead door companies offer other services other than installing lifestyle screens. Most companies will provide garage door repair services also. These repairs can include track work, motor or garage door replacement, and installation of garage door assets.

Why Choose a Lifestyle Screen?

Utilizing a lifestyle screen turns a garage from a parking and storage space into a full-blow livable area for family and friends.

Some common uses for lifestyle screens in garages:

There are also some benefits to using lifestyle screens in a garage:

It’s never too late to take advantage of the benefits of a lifestyle screen for a garage. A lifestyle screen can improve a home in many ways, whether it’s to create a new living space for the family to gather or add a new workshop to work out of.

Choose the Best Garage Door Service Available

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