Handy homeowners often enjoy taking on DIY repairs and home improvement projects. When their garage doors stop working, these enterprising folks are often tempted to try identifying and fixing the problem themselves. Unfortunately, it rarely works out well for homeowners.

Common Garage Door Issues

Modern garage doors are much safer and more convenient than their predecessors, but the trade-off is that there is a wider range of things that can go wrong. Some of the most common issues requiring garage door repairs include:

In most cases, these issues can be repaired easily by a trained technician. Homeowners shouldn’t let the speed with which experienced contractors diagnose and resolve problems fool them, though. Repairing garage doors is more difficult than most people think.

Why It’s Best to Leave Garage Door Repairs to the Pros

There are a few qualities that define the perfect DIY home improvement project. These projects are usually small in scope, require no specialized skills, are safe to perform at home, and use only readily available tools. The vast majority of garage door repairs meet none of these qualifications. Anyone considering giving DIY garage door repair a shot should check out these compelling reasons to leave these kinds of projects to the pros:

1. Voiding the Warranty

When homeowners buy an insulated garage door or otherwise upgrade from their existing garages, the products typically come with warranties. The warranties help homeowners pay for repairs or product replacements when issues come up within a specified amount of time. However, what most people don’t know is that manufacturers’ warranties can be voided when unlicensed individuals attempt to perform even simple repairs or upgrades.

Before heading out to the garage with whatever tools are available to replicate some video they saw on YouTube, homeowners should read through their warranties carefully. If there are any clauses about aftermarket modifications or requiring repairs or maintenance to be performed by a licensed contractor, they should turn right back around. It’s not worth voiding the warranty.

2. Potential for Making Problems Worse

Modern garage doors are more complex than most people think. The repair technicians that are licensed to work on them undergo substantial training before taking on any projects, but homeowners don’t have the same luxury. As a result, most DIY repair attempts only make problems worse.

When components are installed incorrectly, it can cause major damage to the entire system. Installing the door springs wrong can damage the cables, for example, which can lead to damage to garage door windows if it falls unexpectedly. These kinds of compounding problems can lead to much more substantial repair bills.

3. Potential for Injury

Arguably the most compelling reason to leave garage door repairs to the pros is that homeowners who attempt their own fixes without proper tools, knowledge, and safety gear run a serious risk of getting hurt. Modern garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and can be dangerous. If they fall out of nowhere, it can result in serious injuries.

To make matters even worse, incorrectly performed repairs to springs, cables, or other key components can continue to pose a danger long after they are installed. Scheduling a professional installation can thus be seen as a means of protecting the safety of everyone in the household.

What to Expect From Professional Garage Door Repairs

Homeowners who want to tackle overhead door repairs without all the stress and potential negative consequences of making it a DIY job should call a licensed contractor. These professionals make getting a garage door repaired as simple as possible. Homeowners can often get a free estimate over the phone and schedule an inspection at the same time. 

The technicians will be sent to the site with everything required to diagnose the problem, and in most cases, perform repairs on the same day. If the damage is extensive, repair technicians might instead suggest replacing the door. However, in all cases, it will be the homeowner’s decision as to how to move forward with repairs or garage door replacements.

Dependable Service, Amazing Results

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