When Do I Need to Call in the Experts for Garage Door Service?

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Garage doors are considered necessities in most homes. When they break down, finding the problem is sometimes complicated. Some homeowners attempt a DIY approach to garage door repair, but this is not always safe. Learning when to call in the professionals will help homeowners avoid injuries and damage to their homes.  Signs a Garage Door […]

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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California residents want their homes to be secure, including their garage entrances. A good garage door with security provisions is one way to guarantee home security at that entry point. Garage doors need regular maintenance to last longer and operate dependably. Knowing who in California to call for repairs and maintenance is the first step. […]

Here’s How Garage Door Replacement Can Improve Your Home Value

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When homeowners want to increase their property values, most opt for remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, or other indoor areas. Unfortunately, these kinds of large projects rarely provide the payoff people expert. Remodeling often projects go over budget and take longer than anticipated. The good news is that there are other simpler, more affordable ways to raise […]

Is An Insulated Garage Door Worth it For Your House?

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As most homeowners have already realized, energy costs are on the rise. What homeowners may not know is that there are more ways to keep heating and cooling bills low than paying for expensive air conditioner and furnace upgrades. Something as simple and affordable as insulating the garage door can make a noticeable difference. Garage […]

Reasons to Get a Lifestyle Screen for Your Garage

Lifestyle Screen for Your Garage

People used to consider owning a garage a luxury. Garages provided a safe place to park a vehicle when not in use and storage space for belongings. In recent years, however, California homeowners have turned to their garage space for more than storage and parking. No longer seen as just a space for a vehicle, […]

How Can You Make Your Garage Door More Efficient?

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People can modify their homes to make them more energy efficient, but not every homeowner thinks of doing the same with their garage. People using their garage as a workshop, a family recreation room, or as their “man cave” will have heating and cooling running to it. Making the garage energy efficient is the first […]

Tackle Overhead Door Repair Without the Stress

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Handy homeowners often enjoy taking on DIY repairs and home improvement projects. When their garage doors stop working, these enterprising folks are often tempted to try identifying and fixing the problem themselves. Unfortunately, it rarely works out well for homeowners. Common Garage Door Issues Modern garage doors are much safer and more convenient than their […]

How Do I Know If I Can Afford a New Garage Door?

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Every homeowner has a different set of reasons for wanting to replace their home’s garage door. Some want to improve energy efficiency, while others are more interested in curb appeal and resale value. There are also plenty of people who just get sick of looking at their old or ugly garage doors or can’t stand […]

When Should I Consider Complete Garage Door Replacement?

Garage Door Replacement at Dependable Overhead Door

Garage doors see a lot of use. Most open and close multiple times per day as drivers leave home to go to work or school, run errands, and see friends. Over time, all that use will take its toll, leaving homeowners in need of new garage doors. The problem is that garage doors are expensive, […]

Northern California Garage Door Repair: Serving Your Residential and Commercial Needs

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Garage doors remain in the background. Most people assume they will work when needed and don’t give them much thought otherwise. However, when the garage door fails, they want help immediately. It’s very frustrating to not be able to access the garage, particularly when there is a vehicle parked inside.  Anyone in need of overhead […]