Although garage doors are meant to last many years, they can begin to deteriorate over time and cause problems with operation. As a garage door ages, homeowners face the decision of whether to repair or replace their doors. This guide is meant to help people better understand the options for these decisions so they can choose wisely. Learning about the signs it is time for garage door replacement is helpful for homeowners. 

How Often Do Homeowners Need to Replace Garage Doors?

Garage doors made of durable materials and installed appropriately will last decades. As the doors age or begin to rot, replacement becomes necessary. Most homeowners will need garage door replacement every 15 to 30 years, depending on the doors and area’s climate. 

Signs Homeowners Need to Replace Their Garage Doors

While minor issues with function can be fixed with repairs, some issues require complete replacement. Should a homeowner notice any of the following, it is time they call professionals for replacement. 

The Garage Door Lacks Child Safety Features

Old garage doors have outdated safety protocols or none at all. One of the biggest advantages of new garage doors is the sensor that causes the door to stop closing if it detects objects, children, or pets in the way. 

Serious injuries and even death can occur when a garage door closes on a child. If an older garage door lacks these safety sensors, it is time to seek a replacement. This safety concern cannot be corrected with garage door repair services alone. 

The Garage Door Is Over 20 Years Old

Garage doors become less safe and effective as they age. Older garage doors can negatively affect the curb appeal of a home. Replacing an old garage door adds new life to the appearance of a home and includes safety features that are highly beneficial for families. 

The Garage Door Has Suffered Weather Damage

Over time, garage doors become damaged because of exposure to the weather. Wind, snow, ice, rain, and UV rays all wreak havoc on the best of garage doors over time. If the weather has caused significant damage to a garage door, such as rusting, warping, peeling, and discoloration, it is time for homeowners to consider having the doors replaced. 

Energy Costs Have Skyrocketed

Many homeowners are surprised to learn their old garage door could cause increases in their energy costs. Without a proper seal, old garage doors let in the air from outside, which can cause the garage temperature to increase during hot weather. This increase can affect the way the cooling system of the home operates. Replacing an old garage door or seeking overhead door repair for the seal can decrease energy costs. 

The Wood Rots

Rotting is common with old wood garage doors. In humid environments, these doors can become warped and no longer function normally. Today’s garage doors are made of more durable and weather-resistant materials, so they are less likely to become damaged by moisture. Severe rotting could eventually cause wood doors to collapse. 

Seek Repairs for Garage Doors

Some issues can be repaired by technicians, depending on the severity. Should a homeowner notice the following, they should call professionals. 

Hire Professionals for All Garage Door Services

While they may appear simple, garage door systems are complicated. The repair or replacement of a garage door is best left to professionals who have the right tools and training for the job. 

This is not a job for novices. Improper repairs or installation could cause the garage door to malfunction. Malfunctioning doors could cause injuries or damage. 

Homeowners should first have a technician inspect their garage doors for any signs of damage. If problems arise like those described above, homeowners should consider having the doors replaced with new models that offer better and safer performance. 

These professionals receive years of training and come equipped with the tools, parts, and equipment necessary for performing all types of repairs. With these services, homeowners can rest assured their garage doors will function safely and effectively, giving them access to their garages when needed. 

At Dependable Overhead Door Company, we are focused on the safety of your family. We provide a wide array of repair and replacement services for all types of garage doors. These comprehensive services are carried out by our professional technicians who are highly skilled.