People can modify their homes to make them more energy efficient, but not every homeowner thinks of doing the same with their garage. People using their garage as a workshop, a family recreation room, or as their “man cave” will have heating and cooling running to it. Making the garage energy efficient is the first step in lowering utility costs. The garage doors are often the main culprit in energy loss, but ensuring they are sealed, strong, and safely operating can make all the difference.

Old Garage Doors Leave a Lot to be Desired

Thin wood or cheap fiberglass are the most common materials in older garage doors. These uninsulated materials do little to conserve energy and often put more stress on openers than is necessary. Any homeowners who still have these doors should consider an upgrade to today’s common versions manufactured using composite materials, thicker wood, steel, or aluminum. The doors, combined with the sophistication of current opening systems, require less energy to raise or lower and help create a more stable interior environment thanks to the insulation.

A Snug Fit Helps Save Energy

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to this factor, but garage door molding plays a significant role in the energy efficiency of a garage’s interior. Molding that is not flush to the door, is warped, cracked, or isn’t the correct size to cover the seam between the door and the frame can allow drafts inside the structure. The drafts greatly influence the garage comfort level and can cause a home’s HVAC unit to work harder than it needs to, especially if the garage is connected to the house. An inspection by professional garage door technicians will immediately reveal if the molding is installed and working correctly.

Keeping The Most Visible Seam Sealed

The weatherstripping along the bottom of the door also makes a significant difference in the indoor air temperature. The rubber seal will lose shape and effectiveness over time, allowing moisture and air to find a way inside. The experts at companies like Dependable Overhead Door have the tools and skills to install new weatherstripping without damaging the door or getting it out of alignment.

Garage Door Repairs Aren’t For The Average Handyman

There are many things that can happen to a garage door that require professional repair. From breaking a spring, rod, or cable to the denting of the panels or misalignment of the rails, mishaps that only a skilled garage door repair person can handle will occur. In some instances, a little mechanical know-how will solve the problem but, in others, the door technician will need to replace components. Dependable Overhead Door has a team thoroughly versed in a wide variety of door and opener brands. The technicians can quickly assess any problematic situation and determine if it’s financially beneficial to the homeowner to begin repairs or recommend replacements.

Recognizing When The Time For Replacement Has Come

As a garage door ages, it can lose efficiency if structural deterioration has set in, the seals are worn and no longer effective, or the door continually gets out of balance. This is the perfect time for homeowners to invest in a new door rather than pay for repair services repeatedly. New garage doors are built with the most up-to-date materials and immediately improve the comfort of the environment within the structure as well as reducing the energy required to operate the door. 

Garage Door Windows Require a Professional’s Touch 

Homes incorporating the garage into their curb appeal often contain windowed garage doors. Much like windows on a home, these can be accidentally broken or gradually grow cloudy over the years. In either case, contacting a professional to install the replacement garage door windows will ensure that everything is thoroughly sealed. Although windows let light in and add charm to a garage door’s appearance, when installed incorrectly, energy efficiency drops drastically. Our skilled staff will ensure the exact replacement window shape and cut are snugly fit into the door to eliminate the chance of gaps, drafts, and unwanted moisture.

A Trusted Name in The Garage Door Industry

For over two decades, Dependable Overhead Door Company has provided expert garage door installation, repair, and window replacement to the residents in and around Ripon, CA. The fully licensed company has a team of experts ready to assist in any way. From helping customers select a door that matches the aesthetic of the garage and home to performing repairs when significant damage has occurred, these highly trained professionals will meet each individual’s needs to the fullest.