Garage doors see a lot of use. Most open and close multiple times per day as drivers leave home to go to work or school, run errands, and see friends. Over time, all that use will take its toll, leaving homeowners in need of new garage doors.

The problem is that garage doors are expensive, so the average homeowner wants to get as much from their current model as possible. When doors sustain significant damage, it’s obvious that they need to be replaced as quickly as possible because potential consequences like an increased likelihood of break-ins and pest intrusions clearly outweigh the cost of garage door replacement

There are also less obvious issues with older doors that could cost homeowners money if they go unaddressed. This article will introduce some other common reasons to have a garage door replaced.

1. The Door Is Old

Garage doors can last for many years with appropriate maintenance and occasional repairs. When they start approaching the 10-20 year mark, even high-quality doors typically don’t look as good as they used to. The technology behind automatic garage doors is also changing fast, so safety mechanisms and convenience features that were state-of-the-art 10-15 years ago are now obsolete. Upgrading to a new model with all of the features homeowners want is a good investment.

2. There’s More Than Cosmetic Damage

Minor cosmetic damage such as peeling paint and small cracks in wood panels is usually best addressed through overhead door repair. If a door has sustained serious damage, though, its structural integrity could be compromised. At that point, it’s no longer appropriate to treat the damage in the same way. A warped, rusted, or severely cracked door won’t provide as much protection as one that is fully intact.

If the damage is serious, it could even cause a safety risk. Doors that get stuck halfway open can be dangerous to residents if they try to un-stick them, and those that only open sometimes may leave people stuck in the garage or prevent them from getting their cars back in. In some cases, even damaged panels can create dangerous situations if they are at risk of becoming detached from the door.

3. The Door Won’t Open

Sometimes, garage doors refuse to open because their hardware stops working as intended. This is often the case with automatic garage doors, which rely on not just basic machinery but also radio transmitters to work. When a garage door stops opening, the first thing to try is to have it repaired rather than replaced because if the issue is only with the hardware, that’s a cheaper fix than replacing the entire door. If the garage door is failing to open because of structural damage, that’s a different story entirely and a new garage door installation is typically the best option.

4. The Required Repairs Are Expensive

Some types of garage door repairs are more expensive than others. If the total cost of all the necessary repairs winds up being more than half the price of having the door replaced, the more cost-efficient alternative is usually to purchase a new door. This is particularly true if the existing one is getting old or has other types of minor damage.

5. The Door Just Keeps Breaking Down

While scheduling repairs once or twice to make sure a garage door stays in good shape isn’t a problem for most families, no homeowner wants to be calling the repair company every few weeks. The problem isn’t just that the repairs will add up and eat into the family’s budget. It’s also that garage door failures can be incredibly inconvenient, causing people to miss work or school and waste time they’d rather be spending elsewhere waiting for repairs. Having the door replaced will eliminate all of those hassles.

6. It’s Time to Sell

Homeowners getting ready to sell their properties often make improvements in an effort to increase home value and draw in more qualified buyers. Replacing a garage door is one of the best home improvements to make pre-sale. In fact, it tops the list for return on investment, no matter the economic climate. Installing extras like garage door screens can also be a good investment.

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