Garage doors are considered necessities in most homes. When they break down, finding the problem is sometimes complicated. Some homeowners attempt a DIY approach to garage door repair, but this is not always safe. Learning when to call in the professionals will help homeowners avoid injuries and damage to their homes. 

Signs a Garage Door Needs Repair

Some signs of problems are minor and can wait for repairs, while others require immediate action. Should homeowners notice the following signs, they must immediately seek professionals for overhead door repair. Waiting too long could put lives in danger and cause further damage to the doors and increase expenses. 

Sagging Sections in the Doors

Checking the balance of garage doors each year ensures they are working safely and effectively. Shut down the automatic garage door opener system, and operate the door manually. Bring the garage door about halfway down. The door should remain in a fixed position without rising or falling. If the door sags, call the professionals for repair. These signs may require a new garage door installation

Slowed Response Times

The response time for the garage door should be fast. It should not take more than a couple of seconds for the garage door to respond. After pressing the garage door opener, there should not be major delays or hitching. If there is a delay in operation, homeowners need to have their doors and opener checked. A full inspection will discover the problem and allow the technician to fix it correctly. 

Malfunctioning Photo-Eyes

When something is blocking the infrared beams or an object passes through the photo-eye, it will not function correctly. Garage door photo eyes are essential for preventing accidents. Photo-eyes may be overly sensitive and could prevent the garage door from closing correctly. Photo-eyes can also be covered in dirt and debris, preventing it from operating correctly. 

If homeowners clean up the eye and it still malfunctions, it is time to call the professionals. Homeowners may need to seek door replacement or component replacement for their garage doors. 

Roller Malfunctions

Roller malfunctions are also common and can prevent garage doors from operating safely and effectively. Rollers keep garage doors operating properly. The following issues can arise with rollers on residential and commercial garage doors. 

Broken, bent, or worn garage door rollers can cause noisy operation. Leaving the rollers in this state can often lead to the hinges becoming warped and further causing issues. Garage repair specialists will come out and inspect the rollers and replace them if necessary. If extensive damage has occurred, new garage door systems will offer better service. 

Broken Garage Door Cables

Broken garage door cables lead to improper operation in the garage door system. Fixing the garage door cables and pulleys is a dangerous job. Without proper training, the process of repair is complicated. If the pulleys and cables break, homeowners should cease using their garage doors until repairs are carried out.

Garage Door Specialists Handle all the Work

Garage door systems are complex and have many mechanisms. Kids and pets are especially prone to becoming injured or killed by garage door problems.  Garage specialists will handle the following steps to maintain the garage door function. Maintenance keeps garage doors operating safely and efficiently. 

Maintenance needs to be carried out at least twice a year. Regular maintenance can prevent many problems from arising. Technicians can also find impending problems before they become major concerns. 

Do Not Take a DIY Approach to Garage Door Repair

Dealing with garage door issues is stressful. Homeowners need to be aware of the signs of problems with their garage doors. Do not ignore these warning signs because the problems can worsen. Homeowners should rely on professionals for every aspect of repair, including replacing garage door windows

Trying to repair garage door issues alone often leads to more problems and expenses. Relying on professionals will ensure the doors are repaired appropriately and working safely. 

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